Ahhh…Santosha. One of my favourite Sanskrit words, which combines very nicely with ‘Shanti’, meaning Peace. I can almost feel the release of stress when I say it in my head, or whisper it under my breath. Santosha, meaning ‘contentment’, applies beautifully to both life and the asana or yoga practice. I think we can all benefit from being a little bit more content with where we are in life; financially, physically, location wise etc.

I don’t wish to create too much complication with this blog, discussing Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras or all of the Eight Limbs of Ashtanga Yoga. Perhaps in time I will, but the reason why I am wishing to stick with a simple word today is like I said; because it is easily digestible and because I’m feeling like I am requiring a little bit more contentment or Santosha in my life at the moment.

Why you ask? In the last few months I’ve decided to go back to school for Holistic Nutrition. It’s Amazing! One of the best decisions I’ve ever made! I am blessed to be with like-minded classmates and excellent teachers which have inspired me thus far on the subjects of Nutrition and the Environment, Fundamentals, Psychology of Disease, and Ayurveda…with more to come! However, along with this decision comes classes, studying, attempts at holding down multiple jobs and little time for my own life and yoga practice. My task at the moment is to find a bit of contentment amidst the chaos. I have to remember that this is the process to get me to the next stage in my life. It is easy to pinpoint the times when we are not content, as we have the tendency to look too far a head or perhaps look too far in the past, looking for memories when we were content, or ways in which we imagine ourselves to be content in the future.

This is all too relevent as we are within the first few days of March and I’m feeling a bit antsy. The weather is still a bit chilly here in Toronto, but the sunshine is proving to lighten our spirits a little bit. Still, my mind drifts back to last year when I was in Mexico for the month of March (and most of April), completing my Yoga Teacher Training Program. The days were filled with an early morning meditation practice, asana practice, anatomy classes and workshops, yoga philosophy and of course as much sand and sunshine as we could get our hands on. 

"Yogash Chitta Vritti Nirodha"

So as life gets a bit too hectic here at this time, I struggle to keep focused on the moment, on the tast at hand. Instead my mind drifts back to a time when perhaps I was more content, in a pleace where it was easier to be in the moent… with my feet in the warm sand, chanting ‘Om’ along with the ocean waves and soaking in the gorgeous hot sun. I am working on accepting that this year I am not able to travel to a place which warmed my heart, but try and bring that love, excitement and warmth here and incorporate it into my daily life. Finding Santosha allows for a letting go of fears, anxieties, worries and a deep and beautiful grounding into the present moment…here and now