So I have been putting off writing about India… Why? I had the third week of March off school for March Break, so other than my obligatory work schedule, I did my best to relax and have some fun; visiting family (including my new Nephew Rannon (picture below) and my friend Kiley’s baby, Harlowe)Ashley and Rannon

enjoying the beautiful weather we had that week, picking up some much needed yoga classes AND a fantastic finish with a ‘Coffee House’ event hosted by some fabulous friends of mine. All the fun ended early Sunday morning, waking up with a head cold and a full day of work ahead of me…not to mention having to study up a storm for my Herbal Medicine class. Would you like to know all 42 (+/-) Herbal Actions with examples? I could most likely tell you. On that note, I must mention a few of my favourite herbs:

  • False Unicorn Root AND True Unicorn Root…apparently they’re endangered…I’m assuming Unicorns are too.
  • Turkey Rhubarb…what a combination!?
  • Pill Bearing Spurge…it just sounds like it would do something evil and sinister.

Continuing on the subject of Herbal Medicine, I have an assignment due next Wednesday which entails putting together a complete herbal regimen for 3 case studies. The first two I am okay with…the third however I am having some issues with. I am putting this out there for suggestions from anyone who may have some creative solutions.

Here goes…

I am camping and a friends, one of which slices his leg with an axe while chopping wood. We manage to stop the bleeding with pressure, but we have no first aid kit and we have no signal on our cell phones. What do we do? Is this a trick question? Do I really spend the time to go foraging for herbs, when we could very well be heading back to civilization and a hospital? Thoughts anyone? What would you do?

I will let you know what my final solution was for this case study once I get down to it. I am trying to find which herbs grow wild within Ontario which would be beneficial for such a situation.

Some of you also may notice that my ‘tone’ of writing has changed in this post. I do admit that I typically have a fairly serious outlook on life and have a tendency towards sometimes too much self-analysis. I am working on lightening up from time to time, remembering to laugh and giving thanks to the people in my life that add a little bit more joy and spontaneity.


I give thanks to those friends, old and new which make me howl with laughter and can still love and appreciate my serious intensity.

Now…back to that India story…