So its obvious I haven’t written anything on my blog in some time. Why? I’ve been busy, lets say that….

As much as I wish I could say otherwise, I have an A-Type personality. I don’t necessarily see myself as an ambitious person in regards to ‘climbing the corporate ladder’ so to speak, but I have been a busy girl in the last few years. I am ambitious when it comes to creating the type of life and eventually career I want to have…(and yes, I do walk a little too fast ALL THE TIME)…

Like I’ve mentioned before, I was willing to give up my first career to pursue my education in Reiki, Yoga and now Holistic Nutrition. Where do I see myself in the future? Living outside the city, running a wellness centre/retreat centre of sorts. Oh, and possibly consulting, or designing wellness centers on the side. Oh, I’ve got plans!!….but my problem is, I want to be there NOW. I feel this urge to rush through school so I can get on with my life. I suppose I forget that I am in fact living my life NOW?

With that said, there comes a time when one has to make a decision about the most positive way to proceed with life, work and education. I typically like to be immersed in things; live, eat, breathe what I am studying. However, I it is hard to immerse yourself in studies when you’re attempting to maintain several jobs, a yoga practice (which has been suffering) and finding time to have a teensy bit of fun. In the past while I have found myself cramming for tests and blitzing through assignments. Problem is, so far I’ve been able to do this and maintain excellent marks, but how much have I retained? There is something to be said about enjoying the process and having the ability to digest the information.

I spent this last weekend with a good friend of mine at her cottage in Picton. It was a wonderful, relaxing weekend as it was chilly and rainy. We took some scenic drives, cooked some tasty food and napped at our leisure. Of course, already being exhausted and allowing by body to stop and rest for two days, I came down with a cold. Nothing too severe, but enough to make me want to stay home from school for two days and hibernate.

Another realization: The only person there is to look after myself is well….me! If I don’t allow myself to have some downtime, I will only further deplete my immune system, and aren’t I going to school for something health related? Shouldn’t I be leading by example??

This is not the first time I have tried to push my body farther than it wanted to go. Just before I left to travel in 2008, I was STILL working a lot of hours at the office trying to get all the loose ends tied up on my projects, and of course landed in the hospital with appendicitis. Should this not be a good clue that my body needs some recuperation time? After leaving the hospital and taking a day or two to mend, I head back home to pack and prepare for my journey. I leave for the UK 2 weeks after arriving home from the hospital. What’s more? I am in India 6 weeks later and land in the hospital in Kolkata for another 4 days. But yet…I travel (sick as a dog) through India for another 2 months, before heading to Spain in attempts to get well. Did I succeed? Not so much. After your body is in starvation mode for a few months, it will typically have a back-lash. I wasn’t able to fully recoup until I made the decision to fly home 3 months later. Even then, after taking it relatively easy for a few months, I was off to Mexico for my Yoga training. Do we see a pattern here???

My goal over the next few months is to find some BALANCE! I’m going to reduce my course-load for a few months, get back into a more steady yoga practice, continue working (only as much as I can handle) and allow myself to enjoy life and have a bit of time for me! Perhaps meditate, pick up a non-school related book, go for a bike ride with no destination. A friend of mine told me to ‘take a look at my “Pie of Life”, and I realized it was so full I had no time for myself (I admit, its a slow evening at work as I write this). So I am going to challenge myself to bake (or un-bake as I love raw desserts), a more balanced, healthy PIE OF LIFE!

Updates and progress reports to follow!! (Hopefully)