As most of North America is aware, there was a low-grade earthquake that made its presence known in Eastern and Central Canada and some areas in the US. I don’t wish to get into the facts and statistics because I don’t think that is whats important at this point.

The fact is its strange and uncommon for earthquakes to hit close to home. Toronto is not known for earthquakes, nor is it known for any extreme weather patterns, except for the odd thunder or snow storm.

As I was sitting at work on the 10th floor and the building began to sway, I was reminded of the power of Mother Nature. I give her a proper name here because I think she deserves to be acknowledged.  

We pave over her, reap her resources and pollute her air and waterways, and what do we give back? We are like spoiled children who receive nothing but love, but all we can do is ‘flip her the bird’ while dumping some more oil into the oceans. 

I question how many people make any greater connection beyond the fact that the ground shook.

We are constantly receiving more signals — earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, landslides etc. — that we have been misbehaving and disrespecting our Mother for too long. She is making her presence known, showing us what she is capable of, and standing up for herself once more. Her limited resources can’t support us much longer if we don’t decide to take some more drastic changes.

I have to mention here, that my heart does go to all the places in the world that have experienced extreme devastation. As my heart was pounding in my chest as the floor shimmied beneath me yesterday, I had a few brief seconds going through all the “What Ifs”. If the quake endured or worsened, was the building structurally sound enough to withstand severe quakes? I couldn’t imagine what the residents of Haiti were experiencing as their communities and loved ones went down with the quake. I’m just trying to make a point that we must have some respect.

This Saturday, June 26th is an important day astrological. A friend of mine pointed out to me that on this day, so shortly after the energy shift of the Summer Solstice, the planets will align, forming a ‘Grand Cross’ . This is not a common occurence, and it can have a strong effect on individuals and events, as it is like two polar opposite forces coming together, creating possible turmoil and confusion. This is a day of transition. Some sources say this day will set and solidify our intentions as we transition into 2012. Whether you believe this or not, please take some time on Saturday to pay some respects to our planet.

Take a nature walk, do a yoga class and dedicate it to the peace and well-being of the planet, or sit near a body of water and send love and positive intentions, so it can be carried through its depths…

Please remember, we do not own the planet, it is not ours to destroy. We are merely visitors here…