That quote by Mahatma Ghandi has been on my mind in the past few weeks. In fact that quote is now written next to the image of Ghandi on the 50 Rupee note stuck to my fridge, as my constant reminder… 

How can we as individuals embody the emense change or changes we want to see in the world? At the moment, in a world plagued with war, natural disasters, environmental crises and government corruption, it seems like a hefty task. It is to some degree, as the change must come from within. 

It is up to us to transform ourselves, our consciousness. If we wish to see peace, we must embody that peace. If we wish to see compassion, we must first learn to fully love and accept ourselves.  As we as individuals begin to change our conciousness, our global consciousness will continue to transform. Our intentions  can move mountains. 

Tibetan Monastary, Spain

Tibetan Monastary, Spain

This photo was taken a few years ago while I was in Andalusia, Spain for a Reiki retreat, and the quote from the Dalai Lama now has a greater meaning to me… 

Lately, the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico and the possibility of it creating further devastation, has been the topic of conversation. Please refer to Gulf Vision by Transformation Harmonics

So, how do we go about labeling something so seemingly devastating, positively? I believe that we first have to accept that it was in fact our global consciousness (or our global mentality) which manifested this event. And perhaps such a ‘crisis’ had to occur – one which is threatening to our eco system and our well-being – for change to take place. Devastation had to become so fundamentally apparent that we (hopefully) have began to realize that it is time to let go of processes which have long been out of date. We as a global community have the potential to change the outcome of this event, not see it as a crisis, but as an oppotunity. We must continue transforming ourselves in a positive manner with positive intention. 

How can our intentions and transformation create such a profound impact, when we may not physically be playing a part in cleaning up the oily mess? I hope many of you have heard of Dr. Masaru Emoto, and several of his books on the energetic properties of water. The most simplistic explanation, is that our words – spoken, thought or written – carry an energetic vibration which can transform the qualities of water in a positive or negative fashion. Dr. Emoto discovered a way to study and photograph the affects these vibrations have on water and the crystals they form. For exapmple, the crystal formed by love is profoundly different than the one formed by the vibration of hate.  This in a sense is a physical representation of how intentions, words and thought patterns affect the energy which surrounds us, which we ourselves are composed of. 

This being said, is it not possible to transform the water and the energy surrounding the Gulf of Mexico with our positive intentions, our positive thoughts?

Are there other events which we can change in our own lives and our global community?

Considering our bodies are composed of 85% water, how do our thought patterns, belief systems and choice of words affect ourselves?

Please feel free to comment, I would appreciate your feedback and would be happy to clarify any questions…